Country of focus  – China

~this is chinas flag

~China is located on the continent of Asia.

~Beijing is the capital city of China.

~China is in the northern hemisphere.

~in China there are over one billion people.

~in China the language spoken is Mandarin 

~a connection that china has with Australia is that they are on the same side of the globe.

~and interesting fact about china is that pandas are from there.

~there are fourteen countries that share the border with china some of them are Afghanistan, India, Nepal, North 

Korea and Vietnam.

My new avatar!

hello readers,

i just wanted to say that i have a new avatar, i made it of a really good website called avatar maker.

here is the link:

i hope that you like my avatar, it looks like me because i have brown hair and blue eyes. 🌿 thank you for reading my post! 🌱

My first blog!

hello everyone,

my name is Alice

I love dogs, surfing and the colour blue. My favourite food is pasta. I have a puppy who is almost one. my favourite school subject is Art. I am in grade six and i am 11 years old.

i am looking forward to making blogs about lots of things and making sure that they are good!



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