Online learning journal – Last day of lockdown rock, stick leaf

Some thing that has rock (rocked) in the past week is being able to sleep in more most days i wake up at 7:00 but i have been able to wake up at 8:00, and also i get to be with my family so that is great!

Something that i will (Stick) to is being more organised

Some thing that i would like to leaf (leave) behind is internet connection because lots of people would be using the internet so it was not good and some times I could not hear people in the call.

Online learning journal

We have recently started lock down, so we have been doing online learning. Some ways i keep busy are playing with my puppy and going on my trampoline.

I have also been doing a lot of cooking here is a cupcake that i made

This is my dog Buster! He is very fluffy and cute!

My Euro country

In class, we are doing a euro competition, We randomly got assigned countries I got Denmark.

The capital of Denmark is called Copenhagen.

If I ever when to Denmark I would visit Frediriksborg castle, it looks amazing and it is in Copenhagen, the capital city. I would also visit one of the villages Ærøskøbing, It has lots of different color houses which I think are beautiful.

Some of the closest countries to Denmark are Germany and Norway.

Denmark is well known for its high-quality design and amazing architecture

Denmark is amazing I would definitely love to go there are so many things that you could do and look at, from the amazing architecture to the colorful house and also the amazing tourist destinations.



Surfing is my hobby, it is so much fun and it is the best feeling when you are riding the wave there are so many thing i love about it some of those things are catching the wave and paddling out.


If you ever do surfing here are some tips

make a land mark when you are in the water so you don’t float down to the other side of the beach. These land marks can be houses, flags, or anything that is interesting or easy to spot.

Wax your surf board. Waxing your surfboard is very important to do because then your surf board has more grip.


🦋Places where i would like to go on holiday🌴

  1. Fiji – because how fun it would be to go snorkelling and swimming at the beach! 🐢
  2. Canada – i have been there before but it was so much fun so i would love to go back! 🌨
  3. Gold cost – to surf because the waves there are very good and it would be so fun! 🌊
  4. Bali – I have been there before and it is so fun so i would love it if i could go back!
  5. Melbourne – to see family! 😁

Emoji quiz


commenting guidelines


Hello readers,

in class, we are learning how to comment properly.

we were also asked to rank comments from best to worst.

i think that number one was the worst because it had hi instead of dear and it did not have any capitals in the right spot and the spelling was incorrect. Also it used numbers to shorten words.

i think number six is the next worst one because it is of subject and is very random.

the next one is number seven because it is just one sentence and it dose not say who it is from and who it is going to.

the next one is number four because it dose not say who it is to and lots of the spelling is wrong so it clearly was not double checked.

number eight is next but it is good it is just off topic.

number five is next and i think it is good it just dose not have any questions.

next is five and two and i think they are both really good and use good punctuation.

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